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A Journey To Discover Your Unique Design

Lifestyle, Integration and Embodiment Coaching

Weaving Together Human Design, Movement and Rituals Practices

The Discovery of Your Unique Design

Your Unique Design is the culmination of who you, how you move through and show up in your daily life. We start by looking at a soul map of who you are, Your Human Design. By starting to understand the principles of your Human Design, you can then begin to find a deeper connection to who you are at a soul level, tune into your own authentic code, beginning to create more flow and ease in your daily life.  

Then by cultivating and utilizing different rituals and movement practices, you will learn to quiet the mind, connect deeper with this knowing,  your body and your intuition. This will allow for you to let go of the conditioning and limiting beliefs that have been placed on you by the world around you, allowing you to create a true alignment for yourself.



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A Little About What I Offer...

Through collaborating with me…It begins with the offering of knowledge into your Human Design chart, and how things specifically line up for you. This will assist you in gaining insight and understanding about who you authentically are in this life. By learning your own body/souls unique language and how it speaks to you, you can then begin to incorporate this knowledge into your daily life. We will work on finding your right Unique method that will allow you to fully Embody this process. 

Then, if you decide to take it one step deeper, I will offer you tools that will help you integrate all you have learned from your design, into your daily life along with the opportunity to Up-level your process,  ultimately creating the life you desire.  We will weave different Movement and Ritual Practices that will allow you to connect deeper and fully Embody your Unique Design.


I spent 90 minutes having my mind completely blown in my session with Noel. Her approach to Human Design is masterful and also personal. Within the first few minutes, she was already connecting dots with me about areas of my life and personality that had always felt unclear, out of reach, or frustrating. It would be easy to do these readings in a cookie-cutter way, but Noel did the opposite—I felt seen, heard, and understood on a deep level. My favorite part is that she made this work TANGIBLE for me. It can feel complex to explore a chart on my own and she helped me focus on what was most important NOW. My session with her was a launchpad and I am currently getting certified in Human Design as a result of this incredible experience. - THANK YOU, NOEL!
Zach C.



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