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Your Unique Design

By honoring your Unique design and that you are Unique as a person,  your will find this knowing within yourself.   When we begin to live in alignment with the true essence of who we are at a soul level, we then begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance in the world. We are then able to show up, connect with and live our true purpose.

Each and every individual is born with a design that is perfect for them. No one is broken and yet we run around trying to fill up the open places and seek to be what we are not. We all have our own mythology and purpose that we are designed to live out, our own gifts and magic we are here to bring to the world. These will unfold naturally when we are aligned with our mechanics.

What understanding this meant for me…

For me personally, learning I was a Self Projected Projector changed everything for me. Leaning into it gave me an understanding of who I was at a soul level which I was always very aware of, but never truly accepted.  For most my life, I thought there was something wrong with me as my life didn’t look or feel like everyone else. Learning to live according to my strategy and authority completely changes not only how I showed up in the world on a daily basis, but how i reacted, made decisions and found overall acceptance of myself.

Letting this guide me into my practices of movement and Rituals, allowed me to align with what I was being drawn to instead of what I thought I had to do,  I understood why at times I needed to be alone and why when I pushed to hard make things happen, it only kind of worked out. I began to understand why it was so important for me move my body, clear energy throughout the day, to meditate, to ground, and that it didn’t need to look the same everyday.  I gained understanding of how I manifest as well as how I  process information and ultimately clearly make decisions.

I was able to reflect back to times in my life when I felt like my life was on point and I was living in a flow, but I would always pivot in a direction that seemed like it fit more in with the “norm,” and what I was supposed to be doing.  I also began to understand why I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin at times and how I could easily shift that by honoring my own design.

It took a multiple dysfunctional relationships, a marriage, divorce, illness, more illness, and complete mental and physical exhaustion, that I now see was a result of me living out of alignment with my should purpose.  There were signs, I was seeking, I was listening, I just was not fully understanding or connecting with my true alignment.

Why it is important to embrace your own Unique Design...

As a society, we struggle with this as we are told we need to be certain way, do things a certain way, creating unrealistic expectations for most of us. We are trying to live up to this story we are told we need to have instead of writing our own Unique story. We all have our own Unique story.

By giving clients an understanding of who they are at the truest essence of themselves, but also giving them permission and the space to be their unique selves, can open them up to opportunities and flow.  No one is broken. We all are here with our own purpose, gifts and magic to share. 

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