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Human Design is a system that brings together principles of The I Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, the Chakra’s and Quantum Physics. Your Chart or Design is formulated by the day, time, place, and year you were born. It shows us where and how to access our body’s own unique decision-making tool, allowing us to consciously live as out most authentic true self. It is a map of genetic code that shows how our energy is here to correctly engage in the world.  


Human Design can offer you insight and tools into how to live as your most authentic, true self. Think of it as a map or manual, a guide into what makes you, uniquely you, When we can live in alignment with our true design, and begin to understand that the conditioning placed on us by the world around us, does not have to define who we show up as… things begin to shift.

How we implement this into the Discovery of Your Unique Design…

Human Design provides two main sets of tools, called Strategy and Authority, so we begin here. There are five different aura types and each have own Strategy. Your Strategy is a gateway to  living as you are truly meant to be,  according to your unique’s soul’s design. The your Authority shows you how you make and process decisions in your life. By affirming and creating an awareness about yourself, understanding your HD can offer a conformation for you about things you are always aware of for yourself.   It begins the process to allow you to really  understanding yourself and let go of the parts that are no longer serving you.  By starting to honor your design type, Strategy and Authority you will start to flow and support your  natural energy instead of working against it.

Ultimately your Strategy and Inner Authority go together to guide you. Your Inner Authority is your body’s intelligence, and how you truly connect and make decisions, bypassing the mind (the overthinking). This is your Intuition, your inner guide and by learning this in your HD chart, you will begin to find more flow in your daily life. When we begin to intentionally practice operating from out Strategy and Authority, we align with our own unique path.

We find by discovering our unique traits and strengths, ultimately can lead to us living our most connected, beautiful and fulfilled lives, essentially our Bliss.

Through collaborating with you… allow me to be the bridge for you into your design. It begins with the offering of knowledge into your Human Design chart, and how things specifically line up for you.

Flowers and Hand

How will the discovery of your Human Design impact your life…

When we operate with our body’s natural energies and intelligence, instead of against them, we experience less resistance in our bodies and our lives.

We live in an age of information overload, which can be both interesting and overwhelming at the same time. By learning to honor your own bodies inner intelligence system, you will begin o understand what is best for you and your unique Design.

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