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We will take a look at your Human Design chart and break down all the basics of your Type, Strategy, Not-Self Theme, Authority, and Profile.  A deep dive into all your energy centers and how they move the energy through your chart.

USD $299
75 minute session


Learn how to use and incorporate the insights that come from learning your HD chart, into your daily life.

Are you looking to Up-level your overall Self-Care, Health and Wellness?

Are you looking for your Purpose, Your Why, Your Place in Life?

Are you looking to Re-Do, Re-Vise, Re-Vamp your home life?

Are you looking to Up-Level your Business, Create a New Business, shift into Something that will give you more Passion?

 Are you looking to Clear Space, Call in A Partner, A Child, A home or more Abundance into your Existence?

Are you looking to integrate the downloads and insights after a plant medicine ceremony or guided journey?

This is an online program where we will work 1-on-1 in creating and implementing the perfect plan for you and your design... in your daily life. The work will involve taking a deep dive into all things you and your chart.  We will look at how different aspects of your design play out in your daily life.  Look into the de-conditoning that might need to take place in order for you to truly shift, up-level and thrive.  We will meet once a week for 90 minutes, to move, meditate and discover the right plan for you.  Think of this as a roadmap for you and all you desire to have and achieve in this life.  


The sessions will also be used  to re-structure, re-build, or remove the pieces that are not quite working, all while discovering new pieces that can be added in order to  truly transform your life.  Whether they are things you are aware of or uncover along the way,  we will work together to help you Ascend into the Mastery of you life.


We will begin with initial meeting to consult to discover if our energies align and would work well together.  Whether you have already had your chart read with me or another, this consult call will determine if the "Up-Level “ program is right for you.  

If Interested In This…


Note:  This program is offered in a 6 week or 12 week program option and can be done as a continuation to help further ones growth. 


"My human design reading with Noel was eye-opening, validating, and empowering. My reading and conversation with Noel have become a blueprint for what I focus on and integrate within my personal life. As humans, we have blind spots to our growth and evolution. Connecting with Noel made it clear where there was an opportunity for me to embody who I am. I couldn't recommend working with Noel more to create a set stragety and integration to embody you. "

Elissa O