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Integration and Embodiment

What is Integration and Embodiment?

Integration is the work or the process that comes after gaining new insight and understanding about who you authentically are in this life. By learning your own body /souls unique language and how it speaks to us, we can then begin to incorporate this knowledge into out daily life. As the transformation begins to take place, it can leave one sensitive and vulnerable. It also can be a lot to process at all at once, when stepping back into your daily life.  We will work on finding your right Unique method that will allow you to fully Embody this process.

Why is Integration and Embodiment important in cultivating your Unique Design?

This process gives us the opportunity to re-structure, re-build, or remove the pieces that are not quite working, all while discovering new pieces that can be added in order to truly transform your life. Whether they are things you are aware of or uncover along the way, it is important to take the steps to integrate and incorporate this understanding into your life moving forward.
This process will then allow you to create a new association with who you are and the stories that have gotten you to this point.  You will now begin to  see them from a place of acceptance and understanding.  You must take action for this to happen as Action opens us up to new experiences. By having this new awareness of who you are based on your Unique Design, you can start to find a rhythm ad flow that is most aligned for you.

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