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How we Implement Movement in the Discovery of your Unique Design…

Movement is one of the best ways to move and release energy from the body.  It is one of the simplest ways for you  to get out of the head (mind) and shift into your body, which ultimately brings you into the present moment. It creates a space that allows you to move the energy though your body and let it go…But I think the most important benefit is that it brings your back to you.

We look to find what kind of movement uniquely works for you, one you can connect with fully  and find empowerment in.  We also tune into the insight your Human Design offers in order to find the best form of connection for you.

Taking a deeper look into how you process energy though your body, we can tune into what movement will provide the best form of connection for you.

The connection to the physical body will allow for you to  begin to move from a place of presence instead of connecting back to an old story or something your mind it trying hold onto that just needs to be released.  I feel by truly finding this connection within oneself, one can then learn to move through each present moment. Movement can also be helpful in not creating potential future events that have not even happened yet.  We tend to replay our past and try to create different outcomes and at times even attach emotions to them, even though it doesn’t always feel good. By finding a connection to the self, by quieting the mind and connecting to the body, we can then start to shift through the emotions for a better feeling thoughts.

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