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Movement and Rituals

How I use Movement and Rituals in my Unique Design

For me personally, rituals have been a game changer.  I have always have incorporated them in my life. Even working out/movement has been a ritual for me as it is now done with such care and intention. I love incense, sage and palo, use those daily for grounding. Journaling ( gratitude, intention setting and to just get what is in my head out). I use dance to move energy and music to change mood. I always have crystals on or with me as a reminder of the energy i am calling in, needing or clearing.

I create mantra, record and listen to them, using voice memos.  I love affirmation cards and singly morning walks for grounding and meditation.  I have an alter the represents a visual space of intention.  Connecting with nature, especially the Ocean hold a sacred space for me.

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