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How we Implement Rituals into the Discovery of your Unique Design…

A Ritual is a tool, set with intention that can help one connect deeper with spirit, assist with clearing energy, grounding, and as a form of release and letting go. It is an action one can take to release or anchor in a practice. It is a way to connect deeper to our hearts and the true essence of who we are .... our Unique Design.

Rituals are practices are used to compliment the action we are taking to create change. They can be used to anchor in an intention, to move energy, to create a visualization, to call in spirit, guides, angel, our higher self and ultimately create a practice/routine to facilitate change.

Adding Rituals into your life, is something that will be very individualized. We will begin to add them in one at a time, so you can really connect to find if it is the right practice for you.

We will connect it with your HD, your movement practice,  intentions setting, body. mind and soul, to clear space, energy, ground.

Rituals may include:

  • Lighting incense, sage, palo santo, to clear space

  • Creating an alter, Intention setting candles, writing, journaling, gratitude practice, meditations, music, dance, symbolic action, reading books, using drum or rattle to ground in, Walking in nature

  • Intention cards, tarot cards, mantras, creating a personal mantra)

  • Drinking a cup of tea, cacao with intention

  • Using crystals, and other things as symbolic anchors

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